In April Michelle had her 50th birthday. This was a reason to realize her dream. To celebrate this milestone some of the first tapteachers, who have/had a lot of influence on her passion and the start and the success of "de TAPperij" had been invited to teach and perform for this occasion.

During the weekends of 21-22 en 28-29 April the happening “Michelle’s Tapdance Dream” took place. ( photographs)

The schedule for this happening was:

The teachers and/or performers were:

from the US:

  Barbara Duffy Josh Hilberman   Avi Miller & Ofer Ben Lynn Schwab

from Germany:

    Pia Neises

from France:

  Sarah Petronio

from the Netherlands:

Peter Kuit

Music: Henk Doest Trio

  • Henk Doest, piano
  • Mark Dekkers, base
  • Peter Doest, drums
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