History of the Miller & Ben tap shoe

Avi Miller and later Ofer Ben have been designing tap shoes since the late 1980's. At first shoes were developed and created with an Israeli manufacturer, and were sold worldwide. The Israeli-made tap shoes were considered among the best in the market.

Miller & Ben continued their studies in shoe development, always striving to improve the quality of their final products. These studies involved all aspects of the art of 'making shoes from scratch', measuring, drawing and constructing lasts (the mold that the shoes are built on), cutting upper and sole shapes, as well as experimenting with the use of different components and various materials. By speaking to the cobblers in their own "professional shoemaker's language" they were able to set the highest standards at the factory.

From the beginning, careful attention was paid to the quality of the sound produced by the footwork. Through the choice of suitable materials and shapes, Miller & Ben were able to achieve the goal of building a superb 'Musical Tap Instrument'.

General information

All the technical information regarding these shoes can be found on Miller & Ben’s website:

Sale in Europe by Michelle

Michelle van Rooyen has been selling these shoes in Europe since 2003. She takes care of the shipping costs to Europe, the VAT and custom costs.

There is a complete stock of the black Jazz Tap Master-model in stock in her home in France (Loriol-du-Comtat, near Avignon) and quite a few sizes in black & white.

Also in stock:
- Quite a few sizes of SporTap / Rhythm Heels Pro / Broadway Diva
- A few sizes of Triple Threat (same shoe as the Jazz Tap Master but three layers of sole in stead of two)
- A few sizes of La Coquette
- A few sizes of T-step / Classic Jane / New Show Girl
- A few colored pairs of Jazz Tap Master, Triple Threat, Broadway Diva , and SporTaps models

Other models and colors can be ordered four times a year. 

Probable deadlines 2019:
- February 4, delivery in France end of April

- May 25,   delivery in France end of August
- August 2, delivery in France end of November
- November 4, delivery in France early February 2019

In 2015 Miller & Ben introduced a new model, the SporTap

Below some of the specifications of this very comfortable shoe which is much easier to brake in than any other M & B model until now:
· A single sole in the arch will enable more flexibility, going into a double sole in the front to receive the desired M&B sound. · Cushioning in the back for easier and quicker braking in time, as well as softer grip.
· A lower cut in the ankle
· A unique and "sporty" design.

The price is the same as the price of the colored shoes.


Michelle is present with her shoes at many workshops in Holland, Belgium and France.

She will be present:
- in Lyon-Villeurbanne during the Workshop organized by Clapolé Dance Center October 14, 2017 (Clapolé Dance Center)
- in Valence during the Workshop organized by Danse Avenue October 15, 2017 (DANSE AVENUE).
- in Belgium, Liège/Luik during the Workshop organized by Claquettes Club November 3-5, 2017 (but only on request: please send info before October 22nd !) (Claquettes Club).
- in Valence during the Workshop organized by Danse Avenue November 25-26, 2017 (DANSE AVENUE)).
- More dates will published at a later moment (Suggestions are always welcome).

The prices of the shoes have been changed from February 15th 2019 onwards!

Please see Miller & Ben's 'Fitting" section for recommended taps for your shoe size.
On request Michelle installs the taps without additional costs.

See also the page regarding the second-hand M&B shoes! second-hand / occasion


For additional information, fitting and / or orders contact:
Michelle van Rooyen-Butijn
1930 Route de Carpentras
84870 Loriol du Comtat ANSE AVENUE
Phone: +33 490 604874
Cell phone: +33 6 81149999